Sunday, October 23, 2011

Outfit Snaps x 7

I wore this outfit to a restaurant for my sister's birthday ~

I wore this one to a lolita meet, we had high tea and cocktails.

On that same day, I changed my makeup and outfit and went clubbing !

I wore this outfit to TAFE and then out for dinner and drinks with a friend ~

This is a Minnie Mouse inspired outfit for an opening of a new club ~

Clubbing again;

aaaand clubbing...again...;


  1. beautiful outfits! I like the second outfit your hair/wig looks like cotton candy <3
    Your make up is always so great! I just wore a minni mouse inspired outfit too, but not in lolita ^^

  2. The third outfit is the best ♥♥♥
    Love those spikes!

  3. Cute!! I like how you styled your wigs in to pouffs :3 I like your second outfit. And always your make up is beautiful.

  4. Your outfit posts are always so so cute and I love how you cord them!

  5. Yay! Thanks for the follow! Lovely coordinates as usual :D I forgot to tell you at the Madam Brussels tea but I loved that icy blue x white combo <3 soo cutee

  6. myoubi; Thank you ! :D
    ooh awesome, I'd like to see that !

    †Niesje7002†; Thank you ! ^_^ I'm glad you like it ! I'm really loving spikes and studs at the moment ~

    Strawbewie; Thank you ! :D I wasn't a big fan of that wig on me when it had the hime bump, and that's the only way I could think of changing it haahah ~

    Anna; Thanks so much !

    Kavya; you're welcome haha ~ aw thank you ! :DD your outfits are always lovely, i jelly, hahahah ~

  7. these outfits are all sooooo cute!

    love this style on you!! and the way you switch it up is really cool


  8. Lindsey; thanks so much ! ^_^