Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Halloween and Outfit Snaps x 4

For halloween I decided to dress up as Snow White, my favourite Disney princess...

But with a little twist !

(I didn't keep those silly false teeth on all night, just for that picture, and I liked how juicy my wound looked in it, hahah)

I made the whole costume myself and did all the makeup and special effects myself. ;D

Now onto a few outfit shots !

I wore this out clubbing xD

I wore this for my feedback interview for a course I did this year, and to enrol in the Diploma of Illustration for next year ! ^o^ excuse the...not done hair, I was feeling really sick that morning so I spent most of the morning laying down and groaning, hahah.

I wore this clubbing;

I wore this when I went out for dinner and shopping for friend's birthday presents with a friend;


  1. Your Snow White costume is lovely, and the face wound is really grotesque and creepy!

    Your loli outfits are always really unique (you do so many styles so well!) and well put together :3

  2. Oii segue de volta? www.guiademake.blogspot.com

  3. Oii segue de volta? www.guiademake.blogspot.com

  4. I love your zombie take on snow white! I like the last outfit the best

  5. wow, you did a great job making the costume! looks like one of the better snow whites ive ever seen :3

  6. O M G!

    your face for halloween was AWESOME! lol

    love the snow white costume AND the crazy twist!

    lindsey |

  7. Tropicana; Thank you so much !

    Strawbewie; Thanks ! :D

    Julie Doll; Wah thank youuuu ! I tried to get it as close to the cartoon as possible, but still looking kinda "real" ? XD I usually dislike snow white costumes made with all cotton or something, blehhh.

    Lindsey Bows and Arrow; Thanks ! :D Glad you think so.