Monday, August 1, 2011

Outfit Snaps x 6

Hey there ~
Yeah, another outfit post....I need other kinds of posts, but I've been a bit busy lately, sorry !
I hope someone enjoys this anyway ~

I can't remember at all what I wore this to o_o;

I wore this to TAFE the other week (I'm studying Certificate III in Visual Arts and Contemporary Craft :D I wear lolitas on the days where we mainly do digital art and drawing ~)

I wore this outfit clubbing ~

I wore this to go look at houses with/for my friend ~

I wore this to TAFE last week;

In painting class the teacher gave us all a pear each, and got us to put it on a white piece of paper and paint's mine;

The next day I wore lolita to TAFE again, and afterwards went out to dinner and Daiso with my friend xD I really wanted to wear my awesome new boots *___* Oh how I love them so ! They are from An*Tai*Na ~ Also I was wearing my new cutsew from Dear Celine :D

Thanks for looking everyone ♥