Thursday, December 22, 2011

Outfit Snaps x 3

I wore this clubbing with some friends;

I wore this to the city with a friend;

Clubbing again.....forever going out at night time drinking and dancing, o dear;

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Halloween and Outfit Snaps x 4

For halloween I decided to dress up as Snow White, my favourite Disney princess...

But with a little twist !

(I didn't keep those silly false teeth on all night, just for that picture, and I liked how juicy my wound looked in it, hahah)

I made the whole costume myself and did all the makeup and special effects myself. ;D

Now onto a few outfit shots !

I wore this out clubbing xD

I wore this for my feedback interview for a course I did this year, and to enrol in the Diploma of Illustration for next year ! ^o^ excuse the...not done hair, I was feeling really sick that morning so I spent most of the morning laying down and groaning, hahah.

I wore this clubbing;

I wore this when I went out for dinner and shopping for friend's birthday presents with a friend;