Sunday, September 25, 2011

Outfit Snaps x 5

What I wore clubbing:

To a friend's birthday/lolita meet:

Day 1 of Lolita Camp (we went to a big place with cabins and such for 3 days, about 20 lolitas :D):

Day 2 of Lolita Camp:

Day 3 of Lolita Camp, we also went for a fancy lunch:


  1. I wish you'd post outfit rundowns ala Daily Lolita, I miss seeing where you got your things from :(

    Also do you still do make up tutorial videos? I'd love to see how you did the top one, you look fierce, but I know if I tried such a thing I'd end up looking like a drag queen or something XD

  2. Pleasance; Haha, I found it got a little annoying trying to remember where every tiny thing is from, so I don't bother, but if anyone wants to know where a certain thing is from I'm quite happy for them to ask me and I'll answer ! :3

    Nah I don't, but I was thinking of doing some on my friend who I do photoshoots including hair and makeup for...
    Thanks :D
    Haha it can be hard to pull off....I think it just helps to have a soft/round face, and don't put the lines TOO high, and keep the eyebrows real, not drawn on XD

  3. All of your outfits are cute as always! My favorite is the last, you're perfect in pastel colors!

  4. Love all the outfits, and a lolita camp sounds like alot of fun! I like the second outfit the most ♥ Cute!

  5. I love your all your coordinates! And the way you do your make up too! I like your second outfit!

  6. Hyrule; Thank you ! :D

    †Niesje7002†; Thanks ! Lolita camp was indeed super fun *___* hopefully it'll happen again next year !

    Strawbewie; Thanks so much !