Thursday, January 26, 2012

Outfit Snaps x 1

I wore this yesterday in the city with some friends for lunch and shopping;

The wig is very confusing, sometimes it looks a little bit green ! S: but I still like it, the curls remind me of cinnamon rolls ~ I got it from here

The dress is from Bodyline, it's really comfy so it's good for casual days ~

Thanks for looking !


  1. Your cordinations are so adroable and I would love to talk to you about you being featured in the Danish loita magazine Starlight Magazine, made by a Danish lolita community :D
    You can always e-mail me here michellesoerensen(a)lived(.)com to find out more ^^ we post our next issue the 8th of feb, but have the deadline here on the 30th of jan.
    Can't wait ti hear from you

    Love Michelle.

  2. you are like a living doll and I really, really like your blog name!

    ice crystal wishes from munich,

  3. Isabelle: aw thank you :D haha, the blog is named that because a random old lady at the zoo said it to me, I thought it was funny XD atleast how she said it ~

  4. lovely outfit :D
    red and brown go very well together

    1. Thanks ^_^
      Yeah I think it gives a little country vibe ~