Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blogger went craycray

Seems all my pictures have been deleted for some reason o_O
so I won't be posting here anymore.

But I do post some stuff here:
and my art here: (which I'm very glad still has all it's photos !)

thanks for following lovelies <3 :c=":c" all="all" and="and" any="any" ask="ask" been="been" br="br" busy.="busy." but="but" comment="comment" definitely="definitely" didn="didn" every="every" feel="feel" for="for" free="free" get="get" have="have" i="i" if="if" ll="ll" may="may" my="my" nice="nice" on="on" questions="questions" quite="quite" reply="reply" said="said" single="single" sorry="sorry" t="t" thank="thank" the="the" there="there" things="things" to="to" tumblr="tumblr" ve="ve" you="you">

^oh god I have no idea wtf happened there, but I'm too sleepy to fix it. o_o

1 comment:

  1. Have you deleted you G+ account? Ou G+ photo albums? Thats can be the reason =/