Friday, March 9, 2012

Outfit Snaps x 3

Last week I went on an excursion for class in the city to look at some art galleries and such and here's what I wore;

Last weekend the Melbourne lolitas had another Rococo picnic, it was our second one, we had another last year, this year the weather kinda ruined things but the company was great and everyone looked amazing *_*

Here's what I wore;

The pink part of the dress was from Fanplusfriend....but it came without a skirt part, I didn't notice the little drop down box that gives you the option to buy the skirt ! T__T So my friend Laura and I had to make one, and I made the little bows and arm ruffles for the dress too.

Laura also made the hat and the AMAZINGLY HUGE petticoat I was wearing, it's really the best poof ever o_o I had girls asking me how my poof was so big, haha !

You can buy her petticoat along with other things from her shop: Petticoats and Gallantry.
She also makes awesome lolita clothing that she designs herself, and she even does custom things ! Here's the Petticoats and Gallantry facebook page.

On Wednesday I went to the city with a few friends and wore this;

and while I was there I bought this leather tassly thing to add to my jackets, haha ! It reminds me so much of my old motorbike jacket I had when I was 13-15. (My Dad used to take me on the motorbikes all the time <3)

Thanks for looking !

Vanilla Chan, Milky Planet, Cherry Berry Bunny and Chess Chocolate outfits coming soon (; (my very late birthday presents from mum ! <3) as well as Bodyline Soft Cream skirt in black from my friend Marzy, I should be wearing that next week ! ^___^